Protecting the Environment is Second Nature

At DURABLE, we believe in taking responsibility for our environmental choices, choices that affect both
the present and the future, i.e., environmental stewardship. We define environmental stewardship as the
responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions impact the environment—all of us.


A Standard of Excellence
DURABLE products are especially eco-friendly because of their durability. Our high- quality standards enable us to produce outstanding consumer items that are built to last, thus requiring less-frequent replacement. The materials we use have excellent recycling properties and can be discarded with no negative environmental impact.

Recycling Within and Without
Recycling is paramount to us, so we make every effort to collect, refine and reuse waste. Product design and production procedures are devised to create absolute waste minimization. Refuse that cannot be avoided in the production process is recycled in-house and used again. Material that is unsuitable for reuse is sorted and sent to appropriate recycling companies.

At DURABLE, we regularly review and streamline our procedures
and processes to reduce energy consumption, both in production and operations. Our production methods utilize minimal energy. Waste heat generated in manufacturing from compressors and cooling aggregates is either used to heat the building or is fed into energy recovery via heat exchange systems. Energy-saving lamps are used to illuminate the entire facility. And of course we recycle.


ISO Certifications

Sustainability manifests itself in many ways; an important one is adherence to exacting production standards. In this context all three of our German factories carry the following certifications:

--ISO 9001:2008—International quality certification that defines minimum requirements for a company’s Quality Management System (QMS) encompassing development, production and distribution.

--ISO 14001:2004—Add-on certification to ISO 9001 concerning environmental management.

ISO Certifications


Beyond the DURABLE Environment
We believe our environmental responsibility extends beyond the DURABLE doors. Environmental stewardship is a behavior, one demonstrated through continuous improvement of environmental performance, and a commitment to protect and sustain our natural resources. As a company, we support sustainability initiatives with both our time and financial resources. To us, this is a way of life.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is unwavering. We will continue to seek ways to offer consumers the highest-quality, eco-friendly products, and, at the same time, protect and preserve the future of
Mother Earth.

We invite you to review examples of our sustainable products.